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Jr. Leadership Georgetown

About the Program

Junior Leadership Georgetown is a program created to develop the next generation of Georgetown community leaders. This eight-month program for high school juniors and seniors is designed to strengthen participants’ leadership skills, community awareness, and involvement. Junior Leadership Georgetown will provide participants with quality, relevant leadership training along with knowledge of the community, needs, and opportunities. It allows participants to form effective relationships with current, past, and future leaders in the community.

Program Schedule

September 23, 2023 – What is Leadership (9:00am – 12:00pm)
September 24, 2023 – Using Leadership skills (1:00pm – 5:00pm)
October 18, 2023 – Daring to Lead
November 15, 2023 – Social Services Day
December 13*, 2023 – Public Safety Day
January 17, 2024 – Developmental Assessment
February 21, 2024 – Juvenile Services
March 13, 2024 – Health Care Day
April 17, 2024 – Local Government
May 8, 2024 – Class Commitments
June 5, 2024 – Graduation

*Moved up a week due to Christmas holidays

Program Pricing

$50 per student. This price includes class materials, meals, and a graduation ceremony.

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