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Leadership Georgetown

About the Program

Leadership Georgetown is a ten-month community leadership program sponsored by the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce. This professional development and education program is designed to help current and emerging leaders understand the dynamics of the community and the role leadership plays in its long-term success. Each class starts with a team-building day and includes a full day each month dedicated to exploring the inner workings of Georgetown’s government, educational system, economic development, service organizations, regional issues, health services, and public safety. Members will also have the opportunity to learn about and practice skills critical to working with volunteers and groups in the community.

Program Schedule

September 6, Alumni Reception
September 14, Retreat (Mandatory)
October 18th, Social Services
November 15, Economic Development
December 13*, Healthcare
January 17, Government
February 21, Education
March 20, Public Safety
April 17, Strategic Issues
May 15, Class Commitments
June 5, Graduation

* Moved up a week due to Christmas holidays
Class dates will remain the same throughout the program, but topics are subject to change.

Why You Should Participate

Class members are exposed to a wide variety of perspectives about the community. Each class session focuses on a different topic helping them understand our community better and the resources available. The knowledge you learn from the in-depth look into our community ultimately contributes to your job performance.

You’ll interact with one another, building your own network and making professional connections that will last you a lifetime. You’ll also interact with instructors, facilitators, and speakers, making valuable connections with people from a variety of backgrounds and industries within our community.


Leadership Georgetown is a 10-month intensive training program. Class members have one official session per month beginning in September and lasting through June. Each session is generally held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Opening Retreat in September is mandatory. Other requirements include completion of extracurricular activities outside of the regular sessions. Program participants cannot miss more than 10 hours. Any participant whose absences exceed these allowances may be asked to withdraw from the program without any portion of the tuition being refunded. Participants are expected to attend monthly sessions in their entirety and perform the requirements per Leadership Georgetown policy and procedures to graduate. Participants must notify the Chairman if they will need to miss part of a day or will need to leave early. At the end of the Leadership year, participants will be strongly encouraged to volunteer to serve on a Chamber committee or participate in a Chamber project.

If a participant changes employment during the program year, he or she will be required to provide signed documentation by the new employer giving approval for the participant to be absent from work to complete the requirements of the Leadership Georgetown program year.

Each class will determine a class project to be completed during the 8 months of the program (October through May.) All projects should be completed by graduation in June. The class project will be funded through fundraising by the class. There will be time commitments outside of the regular class days.

Class Project

The class project offers an opportunity for you to practice project management skills, learn traits of effective teamwork, assess your individual strengths and weaknesses and use organizational and problem-solving skills. Members of the program select and complete a class project during their year that benefits Georgetown. Class projects expand each participant’s awareness of the impact servant leadership can have on the community as well as themselves. It is a significant part of the commitment to the program and is done outside the program days. The project allows each class to use the tools and knowledge they acquire during their leadership journey.

Goals of the Class Project

  • Impact the community – provide an opportunity for the class to make a deference.
  • Provide class participants a “hands-on chance” to address needed issues in Georgetown.
  • Provide link between future leaders and the Georgetown community.
  • Foster active participation with community agencies.
  • Match the skills and talents of the class with the needs of the community.





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